Notes From a Séance,” our 19th century mock gothic romance, took the stage at the Cowles Center last spring. We loved bringing to life Madame B, The Acolyte, and the rest of these motley spiritualists. So, for one frightful weekend this fall, witness this comic, dramatic, tragic farce of a tale that brings out the charlatan in all of us.

Notes from a Séance | 8pm Oct. 31-Nov. 2

2 for 1 tickets on OCT. 31!


Barbara Barker Center for Dance


Notes From A Séance

Join our cast of characters this Halloween

8 pm | Oct. 31 to Nov. 2


Since 1987, Shapiro & Smith Dance has combined athletic virtuosity and meaningful movement to weave dance-theater that brings clarity and focus to the fog of real life.

Danial Shapiro and Joanie Smith lived through the AIDS Epidemic, and in sharing their loss in “To Have & To Hold,” they helped audiences come to terms with the grief and hope they hold from the losses of their own.

In “Anytown,” they told the story of three families that might as well have been the real lives of millions of families.

And since Danny’s passing, Joanie and company have continued their mission to reflect, connect, include, and encourage people from all walks of life, whether performing on stage, teaching in dance studios, or engaging communities.

Women dancers of varying shapes and sizes were high point of Shapiro & Smith show.
— Minnepolis Star Tribune
The entire cast of BOLERO would be good pickings for the fire department!
— Female Firefighter

Check out our Women of Valor series wherein we engage with female firefighters and emergency first responders to highlight the power they bring to the challenges they deal with daily.

Every Body Speaks workshops connect the artists of Shapiro & Smith Dance with unique populations and showcase the power of movement to communicate thoughts, feelings and ideas on the stage and in our everyday lives. These workshops have grown out of our six-year partnership with the Tubman organization and reach women in shelters, seniors, female first responders, and dance students.

We bring more than a stage experience wherever we tour. We bring our community together with yours.